Girl, what makes you happy?

As I am walking this path of constant learning, meaningful experiences, and enlightenment in my life, I am realizing something. I am happy! How did I get here though? By recognizing that I am doing something that gives me energy. How does it feel to be happy? You know that feeling when you are present in the moment, listening to your favorite songs, doing something that you love to do, being peaceful and free of worries? This is what happiness feels like. You get a warm feeling in your gut and cannot stop smiling. You enjoy the moment.

Here is a challenge for you: Find that “je ne sais quoi” that makes you energized. That feeling that makes you happy. That feeling that makes you smile. When you have found it, ask yourself: How did I get here? What is making me feel this way? Am I receiving energy from doing this? For me, it is cooking. When I cook, I do not check the time, I am happy and in my element. I carefully add each ingredient together to create unique tastes and smells. I love to make others happy when they taste my food and eat. so, What gives you energy? What makes you happy

Have the confidence and courage to find what you love to do.


So I will ask again.

What makes you HAPPY?!

Much Love,


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