That BOLD Confidence

“A picture…A picture caught my eye.” When I first saw this beautiful picture while scrolling on my Instagram on a rainy Thursday, I did not realize that a simple picture of a beautiful woman living her own peace, accepting herself and showing herself to the world just as she is would inspire me so much. Her boldness and confidence is to die for.
I respectably added her on my role model list because she inspires me to live in my own truth and just the way God created me. She is bold in her own way. She represents confidence in all its splendor. Jillian Mercado is the “IT GIRL”!

We live in a society that celebrates a large bosom, a small waist, and a big bottom. Plastic surgery has become more accessible and the norm. Everywhere you walk, you are bombarded with beauty ads to contour your face to make it look like a totally different version of you. We live in a world that shames women for even looking slightly different from the “The Norm” (Whatever that is! *Sigh*) It is INSPIRING and REFRESHING to see Jillian Mercado on the cover of Teen Vogue Magazine. She is breaking the glass ceiling and I am one hundred percent here for it! Born in New York City and of Dominican ancestry, Jillian is one the very few souls in the fashion industry to have a physical disability. Jillian’s disability is very apparent and she makes sure that everyone knows that she is proud of it. She has muscular dystrophy which is the increase weakening and breakdown of skeletal muscles over time. However, this does not stop Jillian who shows the world that YOU can ACHIEVE ANYTHING you set your mind to! I am so glad that she is breaking the barriers for everyone to be included. Jillian is an advocate and a role model. She is a great representation for women. Her level of confidence is something that I truly admire.

How wonderful would it be if we lived in a world that celebrated differences? What if we lived in a world that did not pressure people to fit into a certain norm of beauty? Thanks to souls like Jillian Mercado’s who fight and advocate for differences to be valued and loved by everyone. She inspires me to also break barriers and strive regardless of the hurdles that come along the way.

Much Love, Audrey Ade

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