Girl, Who is your role model?

When you think of a role model what crosses your mind? For me, a role model is someone who is courageous, respectably outspoken, lively, classy, intelligent, feminine, gracious and confident. A role model is someone that you can relate to, connect to, and look up to. A role model is essential in someone’s life. Whether you know it or not, you have a role model or several. A role model is either positive or negative. Choosing good positive role models for yourself is powerful. Here are criteria to go by or questions to ask yourself. Know yourself and what you want to achieve. What qualities do I want to possess? What life do I want to build for myself? What are my values? Does this role model have the same values as me? Do they have a positive mindset and a positive way of looking at life’s events? Are they a good example?

Asking myself these questions helped me pinpoint who would be a good role model for me. My number one role model is Jesus Christ. I mold myself after his example. Some of my other role models are Michelle Obama, Audrey Hepburn, Malcolm X and more. Confident woman, I want you to find/choose good role models for yourself. You may be one yourself, but that is another story. Much love,


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