Girl, protect your peace

“If anyone is a threat to my happiness and growth, I will remove them from my life.”

This is what I told myself when I was deep into journaling. I had just gotten my inner joy back, and I was not going to let anyone remove the warm, calm feeling I had when joyful. That warm feeling is what makes you genuinely smile; it is what makes you feel lovely. This feeling is precious. To be at peace or to have peace within your heart is valuable. You want to protect that. One way to preserve your peace is to remove people who are a threat to it. Those are the people who do not have your best interest at heart. Those are people who engage in activities that are not beneficial for you. Those are the people who bring conflict and confusion into your life. Those are the people who produce drama into your life. I recollect having to remove several people from my inner circle because they were not helping me grow and flourish. For the sake of my own peace and joy, I had to let them go. At first, it was hard, but the benefits and the joy I have now are a confirmation of the sound choice that I made for myself and by myself.

“But how can I let defective people out of my life? How do I know who to let go?” Here’s how to do it… Pinpoint Yes, it is time to Ask yourself these questions: 1. Does this person help me grow emotionally and spiritually? 2. Does this person support my dreams and give me sound advice? 3. How does my spirit feel when I am around this person? (Nervous? Uneasy? Calm? Safe? Alert?) Trust your instinct! 4. Is this person afraid of calling me out on my mess? 5. Do we have the same core values? 6. Does this person bring drama, conflict, and confusion in my life? 7. Does this person actively listen to me? 8. If I was to have a panic attack at 3 am would I be able to call this friend? Release Once you have narrowed down the threats to your growth and happiness, it is time to release. Here’s how: 1. Accept that your peace is important. 2. Write down all the positive effects of this person being released from your life. 3. Separate yourself from this person. (Personally, I just block.) Girl, you can do it. Your inner peace and joy are much more important than to be around someone who drains your spirit with drama, arguments, negative energy and more. As a confident woman, you should never be afraid to remove people in your life. Protect your peace! Much love, Audrey Love
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