Girl, use this for your eyes, not the expensive creams!

Girl, use this for your eyes, not the expensive creams!

Instead of spending hundreds of DOLLAZ on an “advanced cream” that promises to remove those dark circles under your eyes from nights of studying, working, and being a boss, why don't you try natural remedies?

I want to make your life easier and a little bit more carefree so I found two healthy, natural and affordable ways to lighten and heal your dark under eye circles.

Two words: Tomato and Potato

These two ingredients are easy to obtain for very cheap at your local grocery store.


Tomato for my under eyes!? (You may be thinking) Yes, I anticipate hah! Girl, let me assure you that this fruit that is often mistaken for a vegetable has amazing natural bleaching properties.

Mix one teaspoon of tomato juice (You can make your own) with one half teaspoon of lemon juice.

Gently apply the mixture on your dark circle and allow it to sit for 10 minutes.

3. Rinse it off well with cool water

4. Do this twice a day for 2-3 weeks to see results.


Potatoes also contain natural bleaching properties. Make sure to use ir raw.

Grate a potato to get the juice.

Soak a cotton ball and place it on your dark circles.

Let the juice to sit for 15 minutes then rinse. Repeat twice daily for 2-3 weeks to see results.

You can also use this for your neck, knees, and armpits.

Remember that those are ALL natural ingredients so you are safe.

If you cannot eat it, it is a hundred percent good for your skin.

One last thing girl, DRINK WATER! It is the most essential ingredient to a flawless skin.

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