Girl, how can you show love?

How can I show my friends and family that I love them? This is the question I asked myself when I realized that I did not know how to show the people closest to me that I loved them. I am a natural giver, and I give myself through gifts and acts of services and although, I knew that my family and friends knew that I loved them dearly but a feeling deep down felt like I was not showing it enough. After much self-care, praying, meditation an d listening, I decided to take charge of that aspect of my life. I first took this incredible test to find out my love language: Then, after finding out my love language, I tweaked it to make sure that I would not give too much of myself. I then observed my family and friends to discover what they loved to do, what interested them, their struggles, and more. (Ilearned a lot about myself and them. WIN-WIN! Yay!) I also LISTENED to them. (I also tried giving advice. That is the teacher in me. LOL)

After I gathered all the information, I jumped into action. Here is how I did it: I SMILED at them more. I listened to them more. (Even if I wanted to give bits of advice because of my caring nature, I held my tongue and LISTENED!) I ENCOURAGED them more. I let myself be more AUTHENTIC and VULNERABLE. (That let them know that I TRUSTED them.) I TOLD them more often that I LOVED them. I gave more COMPLIMENTS. I ANSWERED the phone more often, and I CALLED more often too. I DEFENDED them respectfully, and I let them know that I had their backs. Most importantly, I let them know that GOD loved them. Could have I done more? Of course! But for now , this is what I do, and when I master this, I will move on to more challenging ways to show love to my loved ones. Let me know how these helped you show love to your loved ones and how they changed your relationships. Much Love, Audrey

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