Girl, your skin is breaking out because of this!

Girl, do you wash your brushes? I am asking because you may have an acne breakout and not know where it comes from.

One of the leading causes of acne breakouts especially for makeup lovers (Like myself) is dirty makeup brushes. Why you ask?

Dead Skin and Dust

When you use your makeup brushes especially if you are applying your makeup on a not so clean canva (your face) they collect the dead skins, oils, dust and everything that is on your face. Every time you use one of your dirty brushes, you put the dirt, dead skin and dust back on your face which in turn clogs your pores and VOILA! Acne knocks on your door.

Let me tell you, I am a makeup lover because I love to create new looks on my beautiful canva. I also love to see how my face looks when I have a certain product on. With that being said, I also love the skin that I am in. I love walking around with a bare and blemish free face. There was a time when I would not wash my brushes at all! I started noticing little bumps on my face so I had to take actions.

I realized that one of the reasons why I was BREAKING OUT was because I was not washing my makeup brushes.

I started washing my brushes once a week and my skin has improved tremendously.

You all know how much I love black soap. I use it to wash my face, remove makeup, wash my hair, and more.

Well, I also use black soap to wash my makeup brushes.

I fill up my sink half-way so that my cleansing makeup mat is halfway covered

I lather my homemade black soap in the water.

I put the tip of my brushes in the water making sure that the water does not touch the hard part. (I want to be able to use my brushes for a long time)

I begin to gently rub my brushes onto the mat to cleanses them

I later rinse all of them and leave them to dry on a paper towel (Stay away from tow

els if you do not like mold! *Wink Wink*)

Girl, take care of your skin and love on it, it will love you back.

Muah, Audrey Ade

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