Girl, You Need a Cleansing Brush!

“ I regret taking such good care of my skin…”
-Said No One Ever!

Girl, you need a cleansing brush! Bad!

Your skin is your canvas! Let me repeat again, your skin is your canvas. Treat your skin as such. A beautiful canvas that should be protected and taken care of.

Our skin is composed of pores that get clogged off because of dirt, dust, bacteria, makeup residue and more. The more clogged your pores are, the more pimples, whiteheads, and blackheads you have.

Using your hands and washcloths are not good enough to clean your pores. This is where your cleansing brush is needed.

Electronic cleansing brushes are six times more effective than hands and washcloths when it comes to removing all the mess from your beautiful canvas.

I have pinpointed three very important benefits of cleansing brushes

1. Less Pimples

We already know that the cleaner your pores are, the less pimples you have. Your pores are there to keep your skin from drying out. They also create oil to keep you from (Again) drying out. In the process of creating oil, they collect dust, dirt, bacteria, and more. Make sure that you clean your face often to make sure that your skin is clean. Keep your face clean, keep the pimples away.

2. Good Exfoliator

When you exfoliate your skin, you reveal younger, firmer, clearer, softer, healthier and smoother skin. A skin without dead skins (That have not have the time to form yet) Dryness and flakiness are gone! Gone! Gone!

3.Smaller Pores

Cleansing brushes are good to help your pores become smaller. The bigger your pores, the more dirt they attract. Also, small pores help your skin look firm and uniform when wearing makeup. Wash your face using a cleansing brush at least five times a week to help your pores reduce their sizes.

Girl, if you want your skin to look youthful, clean, firm and healthier, I recommend a cleansing brush. Before wearing makeup, your canvas has to be the cleanest and smoothest.

Click on the links below to discover amazing, practical and affordable cleansing brushes. I believe that skincare should not break your bank and so should you!

Go out there and be beautiful inside and out! Muah!

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