Girl, you are kind...Smart...Important

You Is Kind You Is Smart You Is Important We have all seen the acclaimed movie the help by Tate Taylor. In this fantastic story, Aibileen the family’s maid would repeatedly tell sweet Mae, the child she was looking after that she was kind, smart, and important. But why did she do so? Well friend girl, let me explain to you why: Aibileen knew that Mae was CRAVING her mother’s love, affection, and approval. Her mother herself had self-esteem issues, but that is a discussion for another time. Aibileen knew that she had to build the confidence of that sweet baby angel because her mother was failing at her job to give her daughter the appropriate tools to self-love. Aibileen would say the words and the child would repeat them. Why did Mae have to repeat the words? Because by doing so she would internalize them and make them her own. She slowly believed that she was KIND, SMART, AND IMPORTANT.

We are what we say to ourselves. When we say to ourselves sayings such as: “I am not as smart.” or “I am boring!” or “Why do I never get it right?!” We start to truly believe our words. Therefore, we subconsciously become those things. There is power in self-talk and Aibileen’s smart self-understood that. Now, there is a way that you need to speak to yourself. Speak to yourself in the PRESENT tense. Why? Because you WERE not smart and you WILL not be smart. YOU ARE SMART! That is YOU! YOU are worth every ounce of respect and love! THAT IS YOU! That is how the subconscious works. Tell yourself that you are intelligent and you are kind. (There is always room for improvement, let us not become boastful, but we are building our confidence here okay?) The way you talk to yourself is powerful. Be gentle with yourself. Here is an example of what I tell myself every morning before I step out of my comfort niche which is my bed to combat the world: “I am worthy of true love and respect. I am intelligent. I stand up for myself, and I am confident.”

After doing so for a while, I noticed that my confidence was boosting up. I started to stand up for myself more. Not only at work but in other areas in my life. I absolutely believed that I was intelligent (Which I am honey!) therefore, I had more confidence and performed better. So, before I leave girl, remember this: God has given you ALL the tools that you need to succeed! Use them and sharpen them! YOU ARE WORTH IT! Much Love, Audrey Love P.s Tell me about some of the words you tell yourself in the morning to start the day! Remember, all positive talk. =)

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