Girl, you are in charge of your own Happiness

I often hear people say that they cannot wait to be in a relationship to become happy. As if they need someone else to make them happy. I often scratch my head when I hear that. Now, am I perfect? Nope! Who is? (If you think that you are perfect we need to talk. But… For real)! Anyways, I am in a stage in my life where only God and I are in charge of my happiness. Of course, other elements of life can bring joy to mine, but I do not dwell on those. I feel that when I start to rely on others to make me happy, I am then in trouble. I say this because human beings are flip floppy! One day you feel one way and another day you feel another. I could not base my happiness on someone else’s attitudes and feelings towards me. Also, I would not want to be in charge of someone else’s happiness because that would be a burden. I would have to walk on eggshells. Now, am I saying that you should not be considerate of your partner’s feelings, trials, and tribulations? No, I am saying that the weight of someone else’s happiness should not be a burden on you.

How can someone else make you happy if you cannot make yourself happy? Let’s be both happy and then make ourselves happier TOGETHER! Have a partner who is already happy on their own and whose source of happiness comes from God. They know what makes them happy and what consumes their positive energy. Therefore, they do not project their insecurities on you; they do not blame you for their shortcomings, they do not expect you to fix ALL their problems just to name a few. They are sure of themselves and are happy within themselves. Be honest Who would you want to be with? Someone with whom you have to walk on eggshells with because every little thing offends them or someone who is vibrant on their own and with whom you can share your happiness with?

Now, reverse the roles, who would want to be with someone who bases their happiness on others? I wouldn’t! Go find what makes you happy! Check my post on this subject here: Live life and partner up with someone who is also happy so that you two can be happier together! Much Love, Audrey Ade

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