Girl, What Does Faith Have To Do With Femininity?

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

"God is in the midst of her; she shall not be moved; God will help her when morning dawns." -Proverbs 46:5

The answer is EVERYTHING! Your faith has everything to do with your feminine journey to becoming the best feminine version of yourself. Your creator, the one who purposely and wonderfully knit you in your mother’s womb loves and cherishes you. You are worth so much in his sight. He wants the best for you and wants you to walk in the purpose that he has for you. Elohim loves women with inner beauty. He loves women with faith.

Yes, femininity has a lot to do with outer appearance, mannerism, and class but it most importantly has to do with your inner beauty.

You could have all the beauty in the world and own all the feminine clothes from the latest shops and still be very masculine inside such as being combative, argumentative, and dominating. While every human being has a mix of masculine and feminine energy, men are designed to possess more masculine energy, and women are intended to hold more feminine energy. As a lady, you are not meant to be one hundred percent feminine, it is impossible and it actually puts you in a doormat position and vulnerable place in society.

When we take a look at our feminine biblical role models such as Esther, Ruth, Marie, and many more we see that they had a very strong character and a tenacious inner strength. These women had powerful convictions and an unwavering faith (Esther 4:16). They may have had fear in their hearts but it did not stop them from doing what they had set to do to reach their goal. They were soft and strong in their own rights.

These women embraced being gals and placed value in their outer beauty (Ruth 3:3) but their faith and obedience in Elohim is what made them receive favor in his eyes which opened numerous doors in their lives. Faith moves mountains and shakes the heavens. On your journey to becoming a better you, you must begin a sincere relationship with God. Talk to him every day. Lean on him and allow him to guide you as you learn how to become the influential feminine woman that he wants you to become.

Trust me, on this walk, you will need him more than ever. Information is abundant out there to help you tap more into your gentle side and energy but some of the knowledge is not deemed worthy of a Christ-follower because it comes from the other side (Wink Wink). Beware of words like “manifesting” and “goddess”. A child of God does not need to “manifest” anything because a sincere and persistent prayer to God, a godly life, and discipline to do the inner and outer work are more than enough to reach your purpose. God is bigger than the universe. The universe does not know you by name and it cannot hear your innermost deep thoughts. Only Yahweh can! Also, remember that your worth comes from God. He made you and gave his only son to die on the cross for you. That is the greatest sacrifice that could ever be made. This is why you are worth MORE THAN RUBIES and there is no price to your worth!

God wants his daughters to be gentle, loving, beautiful, fearless, delicate, humble, feminine, calm like a fawn, and much more (Proverbs 5:19). He wants his daughters to have a strength of character and strong convictions.

As you continue to “Glow Up” and to grow in your femininity and poise remember that your faith in God and the Holy Spirit will always guide you to where you need to be. Faith has everything to do with your femininity. Keep learning. You got this!

Girl, Go Glow!

Audrey Ade

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