Girl, unclog your pores now!

Girl, did you know that you cannot get rid of pores no matter how hard you tried or how big or small they are?

However, you can diminish them to make your skin look smooth like a baby. Who doesn't love a baby’s skin?

The key to a glowy look is a glowy skin. Therefore, to have an amazing skin, one needs to have healthy pores and maintain a kicking skincare routine.

When your pores are blocked by debris, dirt, dust, and even makeup, you begin to develop pimples, blackheads, whiteheads and more.

There are three things you can do now that will unclog your pores and hopefully make them smaller for a younger looking skin that glows forever and forever!

Tip One: Exfoliate! Exfoliate! Exfoliate!

Girl, I cannot stress this enough!

Exfoliation will save your life and your skin (Literally!). Exfoliation will unclog your skin by removing the barrier of dead skin. This leaves room for any moisturizer or serum to have a maximum effect. When you exfoliate it also reveals fresh skin cells which helps even out skin tone. Check out my article about exfoliants to help you pick a good exfoliant for you skin type.

Tip Two: Pore strips

Pore strips? What? Aren’t they of the past? Well, I guess not because they are very helpful to target those areas that are super oily or where the pores are humongous.

Pore strips remove dirt, oil, and dead skin of course.

They are excellent for traveling or when in a hurry. I would not recommend incorporating it to your beauty routine because pore strips only tackle the superficial layer of your skin. Girlie, you will still need a good exfoliator and cleansers.

Tip Three: Exfoliating masks

Masks are a staple in a good skincare regimen. They are an excellent way to pull out impurities.

They also dive deeper into the skin than most cleansers.

Imagine using an exfoliating mask! You will receive even more benefits. I recommend incorporating an exfoliating mask to your daily skincare routine twice a week if you have sensitive and dry skin, three times a week if you have a combination or oily skin type. I personally use freeman’s black sugar and charcoal exfoliating scrub.

Girl, your pores are your best friends, treat them with care and love and some of that love is tough but gentle at the same time (exfoliating). Go out there and be beautiful inside and out with amazing skin.

Muah! You are loved!

Audrey Ade

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