Girl, move in silence!

“When you move in silence, they do not know what to attack!”

Girl, we live in a world where everything is shared. Every big or little “Boss Move” is yielded online or with friends and family. While sharing important news or big plans in the making can be exciting, I want to tell you to be careful. You may want to learn how to move in silence. It will save your life. Here’s why!

Protect Your Enthusiasm

When you start a new project or are on the way to become a better you, you are excited, you are hopeful, you are fueled by so much fire to do what it is that you want to do. By opening your mouth and telling people your plans you open the door for them to trump on your enthusiasm. They may tell you that your ideas are not good enough or that you are dreaming big. They may even give you a thousand and one reasons why you should not start it and why you may fail. Some of them may have good intentions because they want to protect you while others may not want you to do better than them. This thought alone may rain on your parade and cause you to feel discouraged about starting that business you have always desired to start or that book you have always wanted to compose. Do not allow naysayers to dissuade you. Actually, use what they are saying to give you more ammunition to want to do better and to succeed.

Mystery Always Wins

When you keep your business to yourself and only show the finished product or the progress, you become more interesting and intriguing. People will want to learn more about you and they will value your input more. You also protect yourself from so much pain and hurt by being mysterious. Learn how to not speak about everything in your life. The more you say, the more common you will appear. Babbling about everything in your life will have you looking more silly than powerful. You are bound to tell on yourself. Be a smart lady! You are a girly girl after all! Powerful people speak less and when they make their moves, they are silent about them until the finished product is ready to be exhibited. It is harder to sabotage what has been finished and successful. Learn how to shut your mouth and listen. It will do you good!

Jealousy kills

Girl, jealousy is very real! Especially amongst women. As a girly girl who is leveled up, I am sure that you may have dealt with jealous women who have tried to sabotage your life and your level up journey. It is the same when it comes to big plans in your life or details in your life that may not make you look very good in the public eye. Even if it is your best friend, do not put all of your trust in her or him. They are humans after all! Girl, learn how to keep some things private between yourself and God. You will not regret it. There are so many people who want the life you have even if you think that your life is not special, trust me! Someone wants it! People who are jealous do not think clearly. They are fueled by the fire of envy, desire, and insecurity. This is when they will try to sabotage your presence and your goals. They will use the information that you have given them in confidence against you which will hinder your progress.

Play it smart girl!

Protect Your Ideas

When you are on a journey to a better you, you work very hard. It is not for everyone. This journey is not for the faint of the heart.

This journey is for those who are dedicated and disciplined.

Discipline brings results and results bring more opportunities and opened doors. People who are not disciplined may steal your ideas because it is easier for them to steal rather than put in the work to improve themselves and their lives. Protect your ideas from naysayers and thieves. You will thank yourself for this!

Girl, on your quest to becoming a better you, there is so much that you will have to learn. This journey is never over but believe me, it is fun and rewarding. Especially when you see your progress and your reward. Trust God in your journey and do the work. It is never easy but so worth it. Closing your lips when it comes to your plans and your glow up journey will save you and help you more than you know.

You got this girl! GO GLOW! You are beautiful inside and out!

Muah, Audrey Ade

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