Girl, Look Your Best!

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

“Over the years I have learned that what is most important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it.”
-Yves Saint-Laurent

Girl, confidence is alluring, beautiful, and empowering. I mean, look at Rihanna (One of my fave ladies!)! That woman can wear a trash bag and still look flyer than Kylie Jenner on her best day! Yes! I said it. Although both women are gorgeous, one of them has that extra oomph that we are all attracted to which is CONFIDENCE! I am not talking about the kind of confidence that comes with having the cars, the looks, the “IT” friends and more. I am talking about the confidence that comes from within. The confidence that comes from knowing that you as a human being is enough.

The confidence that comes from knowing that you are wonderfully and fiercely made by God himself. HONEY! That is the basis of self-esteem also.

If God cherishes you, why do you need to prove yourself to others based on your looks or belonging?

Put your best foot forward!

Here at GLY Academy, we are much more than that. We are high-value women who know to put our best forward and we dress up not for others but for ourselves. We know that our confidence does not come from wearing the latest Micheal Khors and Fenty Fashion line. Our confidence comes from knowing that we are worth it. With that being said, because we know that we are worth it, we take care of ourselves and we know that us showing the world that we take care of US is sending a clear message to our surroundings. We are not walking in a “look at me” energy, we are walking in an “I have value because I put my wellbeing first”

Does only appearance matter?

Girl Nah! Appearance is not first. Self-esteem is! Appearance can only get you so far. We all know someone who is drop-dead gorgeous but has the self-esteem of a leaf. Those are the shallow people. They let their outward appearance guide their lives and define them. GLY-ers don’t! GLY-ers could wear a sack of potatoes and still turn heads. (Looks like I need to show you all how to walk! Left! Right! Left! Right!Wink! Wink!) It’s the confidence and self-esteem that high-value women exude that turns heads. It is merely the outfit.

I sometimes wear clothes that cost me only $5 but I walk like they are worth $500.

It never fails, no matter what I am wearing. I make the clothes, the clothes do not make me. Wear your confidence on your sleeve and you will see how the world responds to you. And if you walk around with a smile, that is an extra bonus. Actually, these are side effects of positivity and happiness. With that being said, let me give you some tips on how to put your best foot forward and look your best every day.

Four ways to boost your confidence about your looks

Know that by just being, you are more than enough.

Girl, you bring value into the world. You bring value into the spaces where you decide to go and stay. A key element of looking your best is to show that energy from within which is the energy of knowing that your presence is more than enough.

Have a great posture.

Stand tall like a queen. Have you ever seen royalty standing up or walking with their head down or with slouched shoulders? You are royalty. You are a daughter of God. You have a birth right to respect and love. How dare you look down when you walk?

Here’s a quick tip: When sitting down or walking, imagine that you have angel wings gently pulling you back. (I mean, you are an angel… right?)

Wear your favorite clothes

I cannot stress that enough. A lady who wears her favorite clothes is a lady who’s happy at that moment. How do you feel when you are wearing your favorite dress? The one that makes you look like Rihanna on her best and she has many of those! Imagine wearing ALL of your best clothes? Wear your favorite clothes and flaunt your personality. As a matter of fact, give away the clothes that you do not like as much or that you do not love. Your closet should be full of clothes that you love to wear.

Look your best every day

This goes along wearing your favorite clothes everyday. Look your best everyday girly! You will notice a change in how people treat you and how they respond to you. You’ll also notice how happier you’ll feel when you are looking your best. Try it and let me know down in the comments how you felt and how it changed your life?

Love every inch of your body

Last but not least, love every single inch of your body. From the tip of your hair to your toes. God made you beautiful and wonderful. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. Every inch of your being was made for and with purpose.

Celebrate the fact that you are a human being and a woman. GO GLOW GIRL! You’re beautiful inside and out! Muah!
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