Girl, have you tried dry oil?

Dry oil? Can oil be dry? How sway? When I first heard about dry oil I was intrigued because what is such thing as dry oil. Isn’t oil supposed to be...wet? So I thought!

Now, I love dry oil. I apply my black radiance dry oil moisturizer before my primer and my makeup. Although my skin is a combination of oily and dry, the dry oil keeps it moisturized and hydrated for all the powders and creams I use (Makeup).

In short, dry oil is a very light oil that is instantly absorbed by your skin as opposed to the other oils that lay on top of your skin as protective layers. Dry oil is lightweight and non-greasy which makes it great for oily skin tones too. It also adds a luminous shine to your skin so you can use it for any time of the day. You can use it for your skin, your hair and nails.

For your overall skin, the best time to use dry oil is right after the shower when your skin is damp and ready to receive any moisturizer or treatment you may give it.

Some popular and effective dry oil are sunflower, avocado, borage, rosehip, squalene, sesame, and grapeseed. Also, whenever you are choosing a dry oil, check out the ingredients and make sure that the first five ingredients are either of those. The first ingredient of my Black Radiance dry oil moisturizer is sunflower which I love. A few seconds after I apply it, my skin takes it all in and I am left with a smooth and moisturized skin.

Girl, if you want your skin and hair to be moisturized here are some great dry oils to use for either your face, your skin, nails, or your whole body.

For your face, Black Radiance Dry oil moisturizer $9

I use this one often right before applying a primer before painting my canvas (Painting my face). It is fast absorbing an hydrating but it does not leave my skin oily so when I apply my primer, my skin is left smooth and ready to use.

For your hair, OGX Renewing Weightless Healing Dry Oil Spray (Argan Oil) $9

If you want to put some healthy shine on your hair or to revive it quickly, I recommend using this affordable lightweight dry oil for your hair. Known to help with split ends and giving freeze-free protection, you will be satisfied with this product. Don’t get me started on the amazing effects of

Argan oil for your overall health.

For your body, Mederma Quick Dry Oil $10

It is good for stretch marks, dry skin, and uneven skin tone. It is fragrance free and fast absorbing so you can mix it with any DIY lotion for a maximum effect. One of the first five ingredients is sunflower which is very good for your skin.

Dry oil is a beauty essential that will be a boost to your beauty regimen and routine. Let me know your experience with dry oil in the comments. I am sure that you will love it! Go be beautiful inside and out! Muah!

Much Love, Audrey

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