Girl, do you love yourself?

Updated: Mar 22, 2019

Do you love yourself girl? “Umm…Yes! Of course!”

Would be my answer had you asked me a year ago. I always thought that having self-love meant that you took care of and respected yourself. I dressed well, ate somewhat healthy, took care of my body and my appearance. Physically, I took care of myself but internally I was not loving myself and it manifested. My lack of self-love manifested in my relationships, friendships, career and much more. When people looked at me from the outside they thought that I was full of life but I was slowly dying inside. I did not think that I was worth much. It is as if I was a zombie in my own life. I was existing but I was not ALIVE! One day, I woke up thinking to myself: “THIS has to change! I know the kind of woman I want to be and that woman is not as insecure as I am. It is time for things to change.” That is when I took my internal health in hand and decided to work on myself. So my question to you girl is: “Do you love yourself? Do you have self-love? Are you full of pure genuine love for yourself?” According to Webster, self-love is simply described as the love of oneself. The purpose of this website is to help others as I help myself along this journey to self-love, confidence, and more. Let’s start this journey and let’s truly love ourselves more! With very much love, Audrey Love

When you decide to love yourself fully and wholly, you become free!

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