Girl, black soap will save your life!

Updated: Dec 21, 2018

Girl, black soap will save your life

Black soap is an all natural cleanser with many benefits including clearing out blemishes, scars, rejuvenating your skin and exposing the younger skin.

I have been using black soap for as long as I can remember. Black soap makes my skin squeaky clean and paves the way for a good moisturizer to do its job. I usually use Jerg

ens shea butter lotion, coconut oil, or my coconut milk from Palmer’s to leave my skin refreshed and moisturized.

Good for makeup removal

Every night after a long day of work and responsibilities, my face is oily and with dust particles from the many places I went to that day. I use black soap to remove all the makeup on my face. It is very powerful as a single wash le

aves my skin free and clean of all my waterproof makeup. I follow with my clean and clear cleanser which leaves my pores open and ready for a good moisturizer or as a clean canvas for all of my makeup looks.

I have not had a pimple in a very long time and my face’s blemishes are clearing out pretty nicely. Even when that special week arrives. My face remains clean and clear. African women have been using black soap to clear and treat their skins for ages.

Here’s how they use it

First of all! The true original black soap does not look black. It actually

looks brown-ish. It is made of palm tree leaves, shea butter, and more natural healing ingredients that are full of vitamin A such as coconut oil, palm oil, and plantain leaves. It originates from the country of Ghana but it is used across Africa.

Black soap absorbs water easily. Store it in a plastic bag or a dry place. You can make your own. Here is how:

You can also buy it from Amazon here:

Good luck and remain beautiful inside and out. There’s no one like you, that’s your power. Reclaim it!

Much Love,

Audrey Ade

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