3 Fixed Mindset to stop having in 2020!

Girl, your glow up is all about your mindset. Equipped with a positive mindset and discipline, you can move mountains and shift things in your life. First, you need to get rid of three fixed mindsets that will stop you dead in your tracks on your road to success in all areas of your life. Read below

Fixed Mindset: Feeling Threatened By Other's Success

Growth Mindset:

Being inspired by other's success and being happy for them. 


There are so many successful people in the world who have paved the way for young women like yourself and you wonder where you fit in and where you can have an imprint. You even wonder if your contribution to the world matters at all. You may become jealous or insecure about other's success especially if, in your mind, you think (THINK) that they are better than you. THEY ARE NOT! No one is better than anyone. Everyone has an imprint on this earth and everyone has a purpose. it is time to find yours. Let go of the super high expectations that you place on yourself. Let go of your need for perfectionism and controlling your environment. Let go of envy and the spirit of comparison. You are unique. Allow others' success to inspire you to do better and to go after your purpose. be happy for others and know that God has a plan for you. 

Fixed Mindset: Avoiding Challenges For Fear of Failure

Growth Mindset: 


challenges as an opportunity to learn. 

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Challenges are what make you stronger to move on to the next stage in your life. If you were to live a life full of easiness and peace, you would never grow therefore you would remain to stagnate. You want to elevate yourself right? Without challenges, you cannot move on. You will not learn. I know that challenges can be frightening and can bring out the insecurities that are buried deep within you that you stuff with anger, food, drinks, partying, and etc.. When you learn to face your fears, embrace your insecurities and your fear of failing, and how to afront challenges you will see how doors will open in your life. Embrace the challenges that come into your life. They are blessings in disguise. 

Fixed Mindset: Being Obsessed with how people see you

Growth Mindset: 

Showing up as the real authentic you


Girl, who cares about how others see you? They do not matter much! I am not saying that you need to begin to act like a savage and start to not care how you look or how you present yourself to the world. I am saying that after you have put your best foot forward and tyhe best version of yourself out there if others' do not accept you then oh well! Their opinion of you does not determine your worth. You need to know that you are God's daughter and that you have value and worth just because you have been created by him. There is no need for you to audition for the love of other human beings, God already LOVES you! There is no need to wait on others' to make you feel good about yourself. You are a GEM! Let that fear of being accepted go because it is slowing you down. Guess what? After you stop caring what people think of you, people who truly like you for who you are truly and authentically will come your way.