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Hey Girly, I’m Audrey Adé

Greetings Girl, 

Welcome to our community of GIRLIES

(Girls who love themselves)

 I am a Congolese educator, mentor, blogger, future entrepreneur and an eternal lover of knowledge. 

Growing up as a young African Christian girl, I would often search online for resources and advice to help me feel better, know myself and to know how to deal with various situations that I was going through as a teenager and young woman. Needless to say that it was hard to find sound and authentic advice on how I could become a sassy and girly proverb 31 woman who saw herself the way God does. This along with many other factors pushed me to start this website. Girlloveyurself.org is my BABY! It is a huge component of the purpose that God has for me. My mission is to help you because it gives me life!    


Girlloveyurself.org is centered on helping women have BOLD feminine confidence and charisma, possess a healthy amount of self-esteem, feel beautiful inside and out and aspire to become a Proverbs 31 woman. 


I hope that you find the many videos, posts, tips, and resources as helpful and possible. Girl, it is time to GLOW UP! 


Take me along your wonderful yet intriguing journey to self-love and beauty inside and out. 


Let's team up girlies and let's be better than ever! Join the GIRLY team!